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Prof. Francesco Fiume carries out researches on biology and physiology of the cultivated plants. He was working on the vegetable crop protection with particular reference to biological control.
To this end, the activities of the organization are divided into macro areas of interdisciplinary scientific and technological research, concerning several sectors: biotechnology, materials, environment and land, information and communications, advanced systems of production, plant genomics and bioinformatics.
From the financial point of view, the main resources come from the State, but also from the market: the balance sheet, an extraordinary result, is also the result of revenues coming from external job orders for studies and activities of technical advice as well as from agreements with firms, contracts with the European Union and with the other international organizations.


Prof. Fiume was a member of the Scientific Committee of the Institute for vegetable crops - Pontecagnano; of the regional Committee for technical coordination for prevention and reseaches regarding tomato diseases; of the technical-scientific Committee for the Campania Regional Plan for Biological and Integrated Control of vegetable crops biotic adversities; of the UE-Group on Breeding for resistance to carrot fly, Psila rosae F.; of the Working Group on Biological and integrated pest control.
He was a member of the following Scientific, international and national Societies: International Society for Horticultural Science - Section Vegetables; Directory of Members of Working Group Water Supply and Irrigation; International Organization for Biological and Integrated Control of Noxious Animals and Plants, West Palaearctic Regional Section; Italian Society of Horticulture - Section Vegetable Crops (SOI); Italian Association for the Protection of Plants (AIPP); Italian Phytopathological Society (SIPV); Italian Society of Nematology (SIN); Italian Association for Plant Breeding Research (SIGA); Provincial Association of Agronomist and Forest Science Doctors; Economic Society of the Salerno Province.
He is author of over 100 scientific pubblictions on national and international reviews.
He submitted many scientific relations to specific Conferences in Italy, Europe and United States of America.
He is author of the book entitled The soil: Physical, chemical, biological and physiological aspects edited by the Biology, Physiology and Plant Protection Dept. of the Researches Center on Vegetable Crops, Pontecagnano (Salerno).
In the last years, He published, on international reviews, the research results regarding asparagus, lattuce and tomato:
1) Asparagus: Field response of asparagus varieties to rust (caused from Puccinia asparagi D.C.), Fusarium crown root rot, caused from Fusarium oxysporum (Schlecht.) f.sp. asparagi (Cohen & Head) and Fusarium proliferatum (Matsush.) Nirenberg, and, finally, violet root rot (caused from Rhizoctonia violacea Tul.);
2) Lettuce: Biological control of botrytis gray mould (caused from Botrytis cinerea Pers. ex De Bary) and sclerotinia drop, that is caused from Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) De Bary and/or Sclerotinia minor Jagger, by using tolerant varieties and antagonist fungi such as the antisclerotium fungus named Coniothyrium minitans Campbell;
3) Tomato: Use of cultural filtrates of Pyrenochaeta lycopersici (Schneider et Gerlach) in tests for selecting tolerant or resistant varieties of tomato to corky root; Biological control of botrytis gray mould (caused from B. cinerea) in tomato by using antagonist fungi such as Trichoderma hartianum Rifai.
Prof. Fiume carried out research and studies on:


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